Mobile Applications


ALERT FM emergency notifications for a user’s current geo-specific location and a single bookmarked location are free!

•Functions like a weather radio, but with unique local alerts from emergency officials.

•Bookmark up to 5 locations to monitor NOAA weather warnings for your area.

•Background tracking (can be adjusted to save battery life) allows users to receive weather alerts and messages from local emergency officials while traveling.

•Incredibly fast push notification technology for weather and emergency alerts.

•Users will be notified using the app’s text-to-speech and vibrating alert capabilities. Both continue to function when the phone is inactive or locked. This is perfect for visually impaired citizens.

•Simple funtionality. The user enters a “home” zip-code upon launching the app. This connects the user with state and local emergency managers on the Global Security Systems’ network.

•When an alert is received and the app is opened, the user can replay the voice alert and read the complete text of the alert.

•ALERT FM notifications are prioritized and enabled by default as a “critical alert type” within the app. The user cannot deactivate critical alert notifications.