Who are we?

Global Security Systems provides a clear path for emergency managers to deploy successful life saving solutions. The company has its headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi with offices in Louisiana, Florida and Washington, D.C., and Sweden.

Veteran technologists:

In 1985, the founders of Global Security Systems became involved with the technology called numeric MBS protocol (predecessor to RDS/RBDS). The GSS founders played a very important role in lobbying to have RBDS become an approved and accepted standard in the United States. In 1993, the Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) standard was introduced as a means of using the subcarrier to broadcast specific information that permits a receiver to tune stations.

Since 1993, other accomplishments include: working for RDS/RBDS approval in the U.S (1993), manufacturing the only RBDS FM data receiver in the U.S., installation and testing of the FM system in over 20 foreign markets, installation of an 11-State system on the Pacific Coast of the US, and negotiating and signing of the worlds first exclusive arrangement between an equipment manufacturer and a wireless communications carrier.

Today, the GSS ALERT FM system uses existing worldwide FM broadcast infrastructure to provide targeted area coverage using a proprietary layered and survivable communications platform. It provides secure single point to multiple point messaging which can be layered by need-to-know groupings. This is achieved with full power and signal redundancy and without the nodal vulnerability inherent in other communication systems.

Management Team

Robert L. Adams President/CEO; Director

Robert L. Adams is the president and chief executive officer of Global Security Systems, LLC (GSS), a position he has held since the company’s inception in 2003. Adams has worked in the wireless data business for several decades and is considered a pioneer in the FM radio data industry. When he founded Adams Communications (AdCom) in 1985, the wireless paging industry was still operating under the Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS) protocol, a closed system. Increasingly aware that cumbersome infrastructure, expensive equipment, and natural monopolies existed in the wireless paging industry, Mr. Adams formed Axcess Global to advocate a worldwide standard for FM broadcast data.

In 1992, he played a critical role in lobbying for the replacement of MBS with the Radio Broadcasting Data System (RBDS), an open standard. Under his multi-national, wireless-data company, Axcess Global, Mr. Adams deployed software, hardware, and wireless-data solutions in 22 foreign countries and the United States from 1990-1996. His firm was instrumental in the original manufacturing of RBDS FM data receivers and for negotiating the world’s first exclusive arrangement between a hardware manufacturer and a wireless communications carrier. Mr. Adams delivered commercial content and services to millions of wireless devices a decade before the smart-phone was even conceived.

R. Matthew Straeb Executive Vice President

R. Matthew Straeb brings over 25 years of industry experience in FM broadcasting, mobile data applications, radio frequency and digital design engineering to Global Security Systems (GSS). Prior to joining GSS, Straeb served as vice president of marketing and product management for da Vinci Systems and also as president of Orad Inc., a subsidiary of Orad Hi-Tec Systems. His primary responsibilities at GSS are developing the nationwide GSSNet footprint, sales and securing strategic partnerships.