Receiver Setup

Getting Started – ALERT FM Receiver Powering the Receiver Either plug mini-USB wall adapter into AC power outlet or install battery. We recommend that you operate the ALERT FM Receiver with the wall charger and use the battery as a backup source of power. Inserting the Battery

1–Insert battery into the compartment as directed on receiver. ALERT FM will appear on the screen for about five (5) seconds and move to the setup screen.

2–Place the battery compartment lid (long tab) over the installed battery (closest to the device).

3–Press the battery compartment lid (short tab) into place, closing the battery compartment. The ALERT FM Receiver will start immediately after power is applied.

The first time the receiver is used, it will ask for a ZIP code. After entering the ZIP code, the receiver is ready for operation. If there is an ALERT FM transmitter in reach, the receiver will display date and time as well as an antenna and the key symbol.

System Operators:

What do I need to be in compliance? •Updated EAS device capable of receiving and rebroadcasting messages in CAP 1.2 format. •EAS unit must be capable of receiving CAP 1.2 messages from the internet or satelite.

What can GSS do to help my station or State comply? •GSS offers the Sage Digital ENDEC, the best EAS device and the best price. •GSSNet is a 1-meter satellite dish installed at your station to receive CAP 1.2 formatted messages+NOAA weather warnings for your area. •GSS offers a turnkey, one stop shop to get your station ready before the September 30, 2011 deadline. At a very affordable cost.

How much is a complete GSSNet / Sage system for my station? •The total equipment cost is $3650, lease terms are available to purchase this equipment on low monthly payments. •Ongoing fee is $40 per month for the data feed covering CAP 1.2 and NOAA messages.

I have more than one station at my location, do I need a system for each station? •No, GSSNet will supply a data feed for all stations in one location for the same low price. •The Sage Digital ENDEC is also capable of feeding messages to multiple stations at the same location. •A relay panel may be required to add addtional stations to the Sage ENDEC.

How do I originate a CAP message? •You must be authorized to originate a CAP message (state or local emergency official). We recommend the use GSSNet Alert Studio.

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