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ALERT FM is an aggregator of State and Local emergency information with multiple contact paths for mass notification. Emergency information is delivered via the data subcarrier of existing FM radio stations, SMS (text) and email, Apple iOS and Google Android smartphone applications, Twitter, and Facebook.

This personal alert and messaging system allows emergency management officials to create and send alerts to recipients such as first responders, school officials, businesses, and citizens based on geographic or organizational groupings. Such alerts and messages might include National Weather Service (“NWS”) weather warnings, evacuation instructions, homeland security notices, Amber Alerts, or school closings.

ALERT FM notifications can be easily activated through Alertstudio, a graphical browser-based user interface using our Common Alert Protocol (CAP) compliant systems. Notifications are securely encrypted and delivered wirelessly via GSSNet or wired via IP network then via the FM radio subcarrier (RBDS/HD Radio).

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Quick and cost-effectiveUsing ALERT FM gives you the capability to reach your entire community with a single FM-based message in mere seconds with no usage fees.

Extensive FM Radio network FM-based messages are delivered via GSSNet, our digital network of existing FM radio transmitters around the United States, to multiple ALERT FM receivers. Overlapping signals from different FM radio stations help to ensure that there is always a signal that can be received even when other communication systems are disrupted. ALERT FM receivers automatically tune to the strongest GSSNet station.

Geographic or Organizational TargetingALERT FM messages can target geographic areas like zip codes, counties, or an entire state. Messages can be sent to citizens, first responders, or specific government personnel.

Multiple Receiving Devices This alert and messaging system is capable of sending mass or targeted FM-based messages to ALERT FM receivers or cell phones equipped with a radio chip and software. The system will also allow messages to be received via email, cell phone (SMS text message and Apple iOS and Google Android App), and other consumer devices- truly making ALERT FM accessible to every household in the area.

How do we avoid wireline vulnerabilites?

GSSNet– Global Security Systems and Sage Alerting Systems have developed a cost-effective, CAP (Common Alert Protocol) compliant EAS (Emergency Alert System) implementation plan for your State or locale to meet new FCC rules and regulations. We are presenting the Sage Digital ENDEC, GSS satellite delivery network and CAP origination tools as a complete end to end CAP origination, transport, and broadcast dissemination system. The products are designed and built for continuous broadcast operations using dedicated hardware and battle-tested software to reduce maintenance and downtime. These products can also be used with additional systems, such as IPAWS OPEN, to provide for additional redundancy, wider dissemination, and more assured delivery.

Global Security Systems has deployed a nationwide satellite delivery system to distribute CAP- based emergency audio and text alerts to radio broadcast stations and emergency management operation centers. Currently, GSSNet delivers CAP based information to over 400 AM, FM and TV stations with the ability to originate and uplink CAP messages. GSS has participated in the development of standards for the radio industry for over 15 years.

Sage has been shipping CAP-ready units since 2008, with several locations already using CAP to originate EAS messages. Sage has participated in the development of the IPAWS profile and the CAP/EAS Implementation guide, and are active in several EAS and CAP committees.

Recently, Sage has teamed with GSS, a provider of Satellite delivered CAP alerts, to provide both an Internet and a one-way Satellite based end to end CAP system. The combination of GSS and Sage provides the technical and practical experience to help you deploy a state of the art, expandable, CAP delivery system for audio and text to meet the FCC rules and regulations.

The GSS and Sage strategy is to provide quality hardware, top notch support, design assistance, custom software when necessary, to users who need to take alerts the last mile from the source or transport systems into the broadcast sector.


Aggregate and send messages from one place in your browser.

Launch the Alertstudio web-portal and instantly communicate with our ALERT FM iOS and Android applications!

With Alertstudio, publish to IPAWS and allow your message to reach WEA-enabled mobile devices. Syndicate that same message across SMS, EMAIL, and social media accounts in AlertStudio simply by clicking a check-box.